Michael Vazquez: Age, Diet, Income, Biography, Weight, and Height (2022)

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American fitness model, online coach, breakdancer, and sponsored athlete, Michael Vazquez has been gifted with an intense amount of drive and passion for fitness. He has overcome life surrounded by partying, drugs, and alcohol. Now Michael Vazquez is one of the best athletes in the United States with a huge fan following backing him. 

Michael Vazquez is known for his unorthodox style of training. Think of explosive workout routines, which people would describe as “monkey jumping.” In the past couple of years alone, he started doing Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu and won his first amateur MMA fight in 2019. Vazquez always drives himself to surpass his limits and improve his weaknesses. 

A big motivator for Michael is his family, especially his son as he strives to become a better role model for him to ensure success for not only himself but also his family. This is his story:


Michael Vazquez

Date of Birth1 January 1985
Years Training15+ Years
Awards and AccomplishmentsDegree in Bachelor of Fine Arts
Social Media Instagram, Snapchat & Twitter: michaelcvazquez
Best Known ForCalisthenics, Hybrid Training, and Dance/Choreography

Michael Vazquez Biography

Michael Vazquez was born on January 1, 1985, in St Peterburg, Florida. In 2001, he did his education at the New World School of Arts, Miami. Vazquez graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Fine arts degree in 2005. 

In the early stage of his life, Vazquez was confronted with difficult times, as a child of a single-parent mother, he didn’t have a father figure which impacted his life negatively. He became overweight at 220 pounds due to poor nutrition, partying, drinking, and taking drugs regularly. This had made him self-conscious about his weight, and become unhappy with life.

Fitness eventually entered Micahel’s life as he got into breakdancing when his son was born. Michael knew that he had to get off the couch and be a better role model to his son and give him the upbringing he never had.

After a year of training, Michael fell in love with fitness and took it to the next level. He signed up on Instagram and YouTube, not knowing that it would make a big impact on his life. He posted his unorthodox way of training, and with a great physique and astounding personality, he gained thousands of followers on Instagram.

Michael Vazquez Age

Michael Vazquez is 37 years old (born 1 January 1985).

Michael Vazquez Workout

Michael’s fitness style is “Hybrid Training”. He mixes calisthenics, bodybuilding, and break dancing to increase variety which helps him stay motivated, and enjoy his workouts in the process. In his interview with Men’s Journal, if he had to pick only three exercises they would be push-ups, squats, and kettlebell swings. These are functional movements that help improve athleticism.

In his workout titled “400-Rep Juggernaut Circuit Workout”, Michael Vazquez does a variety of movements that combine calisthenics with weights. This helps him to continually stay shredded and reduce the likelihood of plateau. See below:

  • Push-Ups (50 reps)
  • Jumping Squats (50 reps)
  • Australian Pull-Ups (50 reps)
  • Bench Hop (50 reps)
  • Dumbbell Shoulder Press (50 reps)
  • Dumbbell Front Squat (50 reps)
  • Renegade Row (50 reps)
  • Push-Ups (50 reps)

Michael Vazquez Diet

Everyone should understand that to achieve a lean and strong physique you should not only have to train smart and consistently, but you also have to follow the right diet and eat clean foods. Michel Vazquez says “dieting plays a primary role in how I take form.” 

Ever since his overweight days, Michael follows a meal plan based on lean protein, healthy fats, and complex carbs. He also has protein shakes every day using Onnit’s 100% plant-based protein powder. He usually preps his meals in advance so that he avoids eating unhealthy foods.

Michael Vazquez Brand Endorsement

Being a big-name fitness influencer with a substantial following coupled with strong audience engagement, Michael Vazquez collaborates with a fitness apparel brand ASRV and a supplement brand TC1 that specializes in pre-workout gel.

What Can We Learn From Michael Vazquez?

Fitness is what has turned Michael’s life around. Beforehand, he was overweight, had self-esteem issues, and his younger days revolve around partying, alcohol and drugs. When his son was born, Michael knew that he had to make an important decision and leave the unhealthy lifestyle choices behind to be a better role model for his family. 

Regardless of any circumstances, you may be in, fitness could be the key to unlocking a pathway to a better life. It can help you to build resilience and change your perspective about yourself and the world in a healthful way. Michael’s story is a reminder of that.

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Michael Vazquez Contacts and Booking Info

Michael Vazquez is active on Instagram, Facebook,  and TikTok. He regularly posts fitness routines, tutorials, diet plans, and more on these platforms. He also has a website that provides video programs, a daily workout subscription, and an apparel line. You can send a message to Michael directly via his website. 

Michael Vazquez YouTube

Michaeli also has a YouTube channel with over 361k subscribers, check out his channel below.

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